Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Terrifying realities.

My girlfriend commented after watching "12 Years A Slave" that the part that was hardest for her was knowing that even in today's society she or her family could be kidnapped and sold.  I heard her and I agree that kidnapping is terrifying, but a recent a story drove her point home even further.

Nigerian Girls Kidnapped

This is the awful kind of stuff that happened during slavery in our country.  We don't see it or hear about it anymore.  Although I'm sure it does go on in the US, we certainly don't hear about it.  But in Africa, this is common place.  Granted, it's not typically 200 at a time, but girls and kids are stolen from their families, raped, pillaged and/or sold into guerrilla warfare. 

It's very easy for us to put Africans and what happens there out of our minds because we're so far removed from it and bogged down by our "first world problems".  It's near and dear to my heart though.  My sweet, wonderful sister-in-law is a refugee from Sudan.  She spent years in a refugee camp in Uganda before her Dad could afford to bring her and her Mom and sisters to the US.

It could've EASILY been her that had been kidnapped.  It was certainly girls just like her.  That is horrid.  It's a terrible, awful thing that's happening over there.  What's bothering me is A) my inability to help them, B) the seeming disinterest of the international community to jump to their aid and C) the unwillingness of the African government to accept offers to aid them in retrieving the girls.

It's also bothersome that at the top of www.nbcnews.com was a headline about Monica Lewinksy, a climate crisis article, and more (seemingly endless) junk about the missing jet.  I'm not saying the people on the jet aren't important.  I'm saying they're likely at the bottom of the damn ocean.  These girls are alive (for now) and retrievable. 
Why the hell isn't that a top headline?!  Why aren't we drawing more attention to things like that?!  We can, if everyone pushes in the right direction, change what's happening in Africa to those poor children.  Those children are no different than our own...they just don't live here and aren't afforded ALL the privileges we take for granted...like being able to go to school and learn and not be afraid of being taken and sold into slavery. 

So all of the sudden I see exactly why the kidnapping aspect of the movie was the hardest for my friend.  It IS the scariest...because it's still happening.  How do we stop it?

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  1. Oh, Emi, it's so true! Thank you for writing this! And what an honor to be your muse (sort of).
    There are so many things that happen all over the world that we have no idea about. Human trafficking is a HUGE issue - in every country, but people are paralyzed, I think, by the enormity of it all. The depravity of the people of earth continues to get worse, and even I choose inactivity in order to keep my heart from exploding. Sad, but totally true.
    The media is a whole different issue that I feel really needs to be dealt with also. The sensationalism, the opinions, the paparazzi, the junk...It's disgusting. And unfortunately, my only solution thus far is to tune out the "mainstream media" and tune in public-funded news/radio in hopes of getting REAL information about REAL situations involving REAL people. I don't know if I am making any bit of difference, but I do feel like CNN is getting a lot of flak recently for their ridiculous coverage of MH370. So there is hope :)